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There is so much to do in Valparaíso that if you want to be aware of the rich and incessant cultural activity of Valparaíso, we recommend that you visit where you will find an endless range of activities for all tastes.
We can not fail to highlight some panoramas, such as the visit to the Museo de la Sebastiana, Pablo Neruda's old house where he was inspired by many of his verses, or simply to walk the streets of Cerros Alegres and Concepción, where every day there are more galleries where the best artists of Buenos Aires are exhibited, like the artists Loro Coirón Jorge Martinez and the sculptor Rodrigo Villalobos.


Having already tasted the best restaurants of Valparaíso and the hills we dare to recommend the Apex, the only one of the hill specialized in fish and seafood, perhaps the best of the hill. We also mention Pasta e Vino. There you will find perhaps the best pastas in Chile. We also recommend the Café Turri, especially for its famous and very pleasant terrace. For a more local bet, The Sportsmen, in the hill O'Higgins is a very good alternative home, and of course the infallible Chorrillanas in the J. Cruz. And if you are walking through the house of Neruda, hidden inside the hills you will find the Holy Spirit, local products with recipes of the world.


For the most complete walking tours inside Valparaíso, we invite you to visit where to find good ideas and build your own route according to your energías.Si you want to be accompanied by a guide, we recommend Grafitti Tour, ( ) who will accompany you and show you Valparaiso from the point of view of graffiti, without leaving aside the history of the Port.


In Cerro Alegre and Concepción there are countless new designer stores, young and avant-garde. Walking through the streets and touring the shops is a panorama in itself. Lautaro Rosas (where Zerohotel is) has become one of the streets with the most important shops, such as Comercio Justo and Valpo Fines Arts, Art Gallery (the one next to the hotel).
A good datum is La dulcería ( ), where you can taste the most delicious sweets and also see how they prepare them; all this within walking distance of Zerohotel.


Valparaiso and its surroundings offers a lot to see, such as the Casablanca Valley or the Central Coast (for more information, visit our "Walks" section). But Valparaíso also offers a unique natural environment. You can visit the Botanical Garden of Viña del Mar or the Cerro la Campana National Park. For other walks, such as going to visit the Valley of Aconcagua or give yourself a day of Spa in Con-Cón, you can visit the following sites: