Zerohotel - Valparaíso, Chile


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The house faces the Pacific Ocean, gazing out over an impressive view that can be enjoyed with the morning light, with the colors of dawn or the glimmering magic of the night. It’s easy to get fascinated by the constant arrival and departure of the ships before you.   It is the eternal welcome and farewell of the port that can be appreciated from the magical simplicity of this traditional house. It is a space that opens its doors to travelers that are always willing to discover a new side of adventure.

Lautaro Rosas 343
Valparaíso, Chile
Call: (56-32) 211 3113
Fax: (56-32) 211 3114


Zerohotel Valparaíso

Amaze yourself with the enchanting magic of Valparaiso, UNESCO World Heritage Site. Enjoy the warmth of the service in our Boutique Hotel with the best views over the Pacific Ocean and the Andes.