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Escape from the noise. Escape from the routine. Alone or accompanied, on one of the four terraces of Zerohotel that descend from the hill towards the ocean, you can appreciate a unique view, a delightful conversation, a book, or the overwhelming silence. It is a place to share with others or a private sanctuary from which to witness the light and the shadows play above the harbor. On the lower deck, installed for relaxation after a full day of walking and stair climbing, you will found the best view to our Bay.

Lautaro Rosas 343
Valparaíso, Chile
Call: (56-32) 211 3113
Fax: (56-32) 211 3114


Zerohotel Valparaíso

Amaze yourself with the enchanting magic of Valparaiso, UNESCO World Heritage Site. Enjoy the warmth of the service in our Boutique Hotel with the best views over the Pacific Ocean and the Andes.