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Only 20 minutes from Valparaíso and 50 minutes from Santiago on the highway between the two cities is The Casablanca Valley. This valley is famous for its fertile soil and its exquisite and traditional vineyards, one of the best in Chile. The agricultural estate origins back to 1982, and currently there are some 25 major vineyards operating in the valley.

Matetic Vineyards

This Rosario Valley based vineyard, 15 minutes from Casablanca Valley, has more than 220 acres of crops growing perpendicularly to the ocean in a closed valley with an astonishing clarity. Matetic Vineyards have a production philosophy based on organic principles in order to obtain 100% natural grapes. In addition they have an exclusive restaurant famous for its delicious dishes where its chef, Matías Bustos, is known for his high skills in merging avant-garde cuisine with local culinary traditions based on the home grown products. The restaurant is open Tuesday through Sunday and can arrange private events as well.

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Casas del Bosque

The well-known estate of Casas del Bosque not only invites the visitor to try the assorted superb grape brews, they also have other attractions that easily can be enjoyed accompanied with a glass of wine. Their suggestion is Restaurant Tanino, managed by the renowned chef Álvaro Larraguibel who has a remarkable skill in surprising the guests with his innovative cuisine in which he exclusively use only the best ingredients converted into impressive dishes.

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Morandé Vineyards (restaurant only)

The infrastructure of this first class property is surrounded by a natural environment, impressive views over the vineyard itself and features parking, wide terraces, children’s playground, and a heliport, encouraging families to come and enjoy themselves. Adding to this, they have one of the most prestigious restaurants in the area directed by the chef Christopher Carpentier who holds wine as the most important of the fine ingredients used in his cooking. Check for more information on

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