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The cultural offer in Valparaiso is so abundant and presents so many different activities that we recommend visiting which keeps you up to date with the various events and works shops taking place in Valparaiso’s rich and interesting cultural scene.
However, we do recommend some of the most interesting sites in Valparaiso which you mustn’t miss while in town. For example Museo de la Sebastiana, national poet and Nobel Prize winner Pablo Neruda’s old house from where he was inspired and wrote many of his pieces, or simply exploring the cobblestone streets of Alegre and Concepción Hills where the quantity of intriguing art galleries and shops is rising each year, and where the best local artists such as Loro Coirón, Jorge Martinez, and the sculptor Rodrigo Villalobos are continuously exposing their work.


Already having tested Valparaiso’s best restaurants we dare to recommend “Pasta & Vino restaurant”, which was recognized the year 2008 as the best restaurant outside of Santiago by the magazine Wikend. They probably serve the best pastas in all of Chile. Also we recommend the “Café Turri restaurant”, especially for their famous and very delightful terrace. “Le Pastis restaurant”, where the French flavors are predominant is an exquisite up and coming choice, while if you care for more local dishes “Los Deportistas restaurant” in O`Higgins Hill is a great alternative. Certainly the chorrillanas at the J. Cruz is a must, too. Also, close to Neruda’s house in Bellavista Hill nearby, hidden inside the hills you will find “Amaya”, a restaurant with Peruvian cuisine looking out over the surroundings, where you will be able to try a delicious Pisco Sour.


In order to get to know Valparaíso better, we invite you to visit which is proposing interesting and all-covering walks around town – a great site from which you can put together your own walks depending on your time, interests, and stamina.
If you prefer guided walks, Aventura Local ( is a great choice, they’ll take you on a tour from their local point of view to the most typical and historical places and.


In Alegre and Concepción Hills there are countless new, young, and trendy local designer shops. Just exploring these gems when walking the streets is in itself an attraction worth doing. Lautaro Rosas Street (where Zerohotel is located) have turned into one where the most important shops happen to be, such as La Consentida, Comercio Justo, and Valpo Fine Arts, Art Gallery.
One of our favourites though is Del Río al Mar (


However, Valparaíso also offers a unique natural environment. A trip to The Botanical Gardens in Viña del Mar or Cerro La Campana National Park are two great examples of this.
For other trips, like for example going to The Aconcagua Valley or enjoying a Spa day in Con-Cón, you can visit the following websites: